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GemeFancy™ is now sold only as a feature within the GemePro 

See how precise fancy color diamond color-definition software can increase your profits! 

With the Gemewizard Gemefancy new software you can precisely define and communicate accurate fancy color diamonds colors to your customers and suppliers.
The benefits of using the Gemewizard Gemefancy begin when you order your supplies.

With Gemewizard Gemefancy , you will have no more color misunderstanding and expensive returns when ordering fancy color diamonds from your suppliers. Once you have your stones, you can catalog your stock by color and match the requirements of each and every customer. You can even use color matching to offer supplementary products to your customers and increase sales.

Project Details

You can expand your business and offer fancy color diamonds that currently are not in your line of business.

Using Gemewizard Gemefancy's accurate and precise color definitions, you can produce consistent and documented stone & jewelry appraisals for your customers and for insurance purposes. 

GemeFancy is a color assessing and communication software application created specifically for fancy colored diamonds. The system enables the user to recognize the relative location of colors within the GIA Fancy Diamond color range. As does GIA, GemeFancy TM identifies 27 main hues, each of which is modified into 36-42 fancy grades and other color descriptions, every one representing the accumulative effect of the tones and saturations on a certain hue.

The images generated by the software are described using standard GIA terminology and GemeWizard's alphanumeric Color Code. The system creates email messages that allow acccurate color information to be transferred to a third party. 

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