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Gemewizard is the brainchild of Menahem Sevdermish, an internationally recognized authority on gem commercialization and gemstone processing. He began his research 11 years ago into the development of a software-based solution for color communication and gem grading.

Using the extensive data accumulated by the Gemological Center of Israel (headed by Sevdermish), initial tests were conducted to verify the colors of gems. A major breakthrough in his research occurred in 1998 when the core program of a color grading system began to take shape. He created a special patent pending system using thousands of gem images.
The system was designed to recreate an existing image of a gem of a certain shape and color as multiple images of this precise gem color, displaying the selected color in the 15 most common gem shapes. The resulting database contains more than 100,000 well-sorted color/shape combinations of digitally created gem images.  

Sevdermish then set about to bring together a group of software experts who invested thousands of hours with the aim of creating a fully comprehensive user-friendly software for color communication and marketing to be used by jewelers, gem and diamond dealers alike. In addition, he held countless meetings with gem experts and incorporated their feedback and comments into the system. Joining forces with Stuller Inc., one of the world's leading manufacturers and distributors of fine jewelry and jewelry-related products, the Gemewizard project gained momentum, giving Gemewizard ’s developers wide-ranging access to Stuller’s knowledge base, as well as their comprehensive gem and diamond resources. Gemewizard Inc. maintains an R&D center in Israel and a large sales and support center in the US. Future developments envisage a version of the software to be used by major gemological laboratories, and a version to be used as educational software for training the gemologist of tomorrow. The results of eleven years of extensive research and labor are before you... The Gemewizard, the software program for the trade, made by people in the trade. This Gemewizard website and all our documentations are dedicated to the memory of Tsvi Goldstein

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